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Efficient, powerful and easy to use!

This app is really cool. I made an appointent within 2 min. I highly recommend it!


You did a great job, your app helps me to find a doctor in NYC for my daughter.

It just doesnt work!

I cant find a doctor


Amazing service, team, and all-round company! Thanks ZocDoc!

Very nice

Very good app to have


I hope my appointment gonna be real

Sign in problem

I cant log in using login and password, but I can log in at the web site.

Look no further!

Excellent app, very easy to use, love it, thank you

An very unpleasant experience

The doctor is in full control of your comments and reviews. You have to fix it until they are satisfied of your response. I had an unpleasant experience so I wrote a detailed comment but is rejected by the doctor. So be careful of the reviews of the doctors. Every comment you saw can be said as a filtered result by the doctor. The appointment is not on their record and they couldnt download the online paper work thing.

Wrong doctors under wrong categories

I used ZocDoc to book an appointment through my regular healthcare providers as it was an easier alternative than their regular appointment system. I searched for allergy consultation, chose a doctor that had good reviews and scheduled an appointment in two weeks time. Fast forward to today, I go to the office and find that the "allergist" is actually an internal medicine doctor. I alerted the staff of this mistake and they rescheduled me for an actual allergist, as well as telling me this has happened before with other ZocDoc users. I opened ZocDoc (both the app and the website) and did a test search to find they list doctors that have NOTHING to do with what youre looking for. Internists, family physicians, etc. Why is this? Its very annoying and not to mention misleading. Dont list doctors under categories that they DONT do!

Great app

Zocdoc is user-friendly and really helps to find any doctor at any time. I recommend it highly. Its hassle free and I always find my Doctors and appointments easily.


The app was good until recently - it crashes immediately when opened.

Best way to book!

This is so convenient for me! It gives you tons of info on the Doctor you want to see. It also gives you the option to search by male/female, distance, ratings etc. I really wanted to see one doctor and when I called there was nothing available for weeks but on zocdoc I was able to get an appt for the next day! The app is super easy to use and even allowed me to upload my insurance card so it could be sent to the office! I love this app!


So disappointed... Made an appointment for my sons pediatrician through zocdoc and the office called me to tell me that any of the time slots that zocdoc offered were available. This is a waste of time.

Dont believe BOOKED

Zocdoc should stop using the word "booked" I came to a "booked" appointment at Mt. Sinai Medical Center at 8th and 23rd to find out that my appointment was "booked" but not "confirmed". Not impressed with Zocdoc or Mt. Sinai.

Worst medial app I have ever used!

Throw this out and start over this is not worth my time! This app stinks!!!

Very convenient

I have used this app about three times with two dentists and a primary doctor. One of the dentists appointment was canceled twice for no reason so i assume there was something wrong with that clinic. the other two appointments went very well. Great job

The best

The easiest way to find a doctor. So simple.

Almost Perfect

Four out of five stars. Only because I booked my first appointment and showed up only to find out the doctor wasnt even in! The receptionist asked me if I booked through ZocDoc because she couldnt find my name in the appointment log. It sounds like they dont even check their ZocDoc appointments

Dont waste your time!!

I thought I had an appointment. Went to the doctors to find that I didnt. I was very upset! Dont believe it when it says booked, its not!!

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