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Amazingly easy to use

Amazingly easy to sign up and book an appointment in no time at all

Great service

Zocdoc basically saved my life. Over and over again. Every time I use it, its like snuggling into the warm embrace of sedated koala bear. Highly recommend

Great app

Very useful, takes the time wasting and hassle out of calling to make appointments! And it makes it easy to find providers in your insurance network!

Use it all the time!

I book all my doctors appointments through Zocdoc. Ive only had two doctors cancel, and I was notified very quickly so I was able to reschedule. I love being able to see the locations of doctors on the map and filter doctors who accept my insurance. Most doctors even let you fill out forms ahead of time on the app! Love it!

Really helpful.

I find booking appts thru this app to be extremely helpful.

If you are reading this download this app! :)

I started using this app two years ago when I was traveling for work. First experience: I had a severe throats infection and could not wait until the end of the week to be seen at home. The doctor I saw was amazing and actually took to the time to find an underlying immune deficiency I had which was why the infection was so severe. I was truly amazed. None of the big city doctors found this. There are some great doctors on here. Second Experience: Try before you buy. I used this app to locate a new primary care physician (PCP). The first doctor was rude, condescending, and pusher of her own medical interests/agenda. Initially I was upset, but with with a few clicks in this app I met a different doctor the very next week. I am happy to say she is a wonderful compassionate helpful doctor. Even when you go wrong, you cant go wrong with this app!!


By far the best app for Health. Everyone should have us on their phone. Its a must-have and is going to be saving me hours of my life

So easy

I love how easy it is to search for appointments with my specific insurance plan and book online when its most convenient.


This app is awesome. Its really convenient to be able to make an appointment when the doctors office is closed and there is no need to even have to call and wait on hold to make an appointment.

Brilliant App...

As I was going to a new dermatologists website to book an appointment, I found Zocdoc and found it super easy to use. The only problem that I encountered was that my appointment was double booked. Zocdoc notified me right away and made every effort to right the "wrong" which I found super professional and surprising. Ill be using this app in the future for booking appointments as I found it fast and super user friendly.


Supposedly I had an appointment and booked one, BUT THE DR WAS A CLINIC THAT TOOK PEOPLE OFF THE STREET. After an hour of waiting, I had to leave. Then a rep called me and said that it was "an out of network provider" which is a complete lie, as they took my insurance and charged me an in-network fee. Dont waste your time - some apps are not worth the risk to your time and energy. THIS IS ONE.

Really great app

I was looking for an ortho who specializes in knees and didnt want to call a bunch of different offices. The site let me reviewed doctors, see ratings and when appointments were available. Love it.

Extremely helpful

This app has enabled me to find excellent doctors that take my insurance and make appointments online with ease. I would like the ability to manually add follow up appointments that are scheduled at doctors office so I could reference them in the app.

So much potential

Ive used it a couple times and it worked... a couple times. Zocdoc supposedly shows you places your insurance is accepted. I have made appointments and sat there waiting and at the end Im told my insurance isnt accepted. Ive had to leave multiple places. In theory it would be a great app. Currently however---just a waste of my time.

Waste of Time

I was really looking forward to bypassing the receptionist and booking appointments myself. Wasted more of my time with this app, than had I just sat on hold and dealt with office directly. Appointment availability does not update in real time so I spent 20 minutes attempting to schedule an appointment. All showed available but were actually taken. Gave up after multiple days, times and locations were selected and no luck. Will not use again.

Incredibly Convenient

One of the easiest apps to use if you need to book an appointment quickly. As someone who is constantly moving, I was recommended this app by a friend have used it twice. Now I recommend it to family & friends, especially if they need to see an MD/specialist who accepts their insurance ASAP!

Great app

If you deal w multiple drs .. great app

Love this app.

Very easy interface, within clicks I got my PYP appointment.

Super unsatisfied

They are so rude. They are irresponsible and are not there to help. They just give you a hard time. They overcharged me twice. It took almost one year to get my money back and without help from my insurance I surely would not of.

Great app-time saver

We got an appointment using this app and didnt need to call the office. It was efficient and fast. Great app.

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